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About Us

About Our Cleaning Team

We boast a comprehensive team of day-to-day custodial technicians.
These cleaners are experienced and have undergone all the necessary
training to reduce liabilities and ensure nothing short of customer
satisfaction. Our cleaners are not the only people on our team, though.
There is more to Ebco Bahamas than what meets the eye.
Our administrative team is more than just our company’s owner and
operator. We have dedicated marketing representatives, numerous
operations managers, customer service agents, and more. With a team
like ours at your disposal, you’ll never have to wait long for viable
solutions to your unique problems. We are in the business of providing

Cleaners You Can Count On

If you are the owner or operator of a commercial space, it isn’t enough to
have spotless floors one or two days of the week. You need your facilities

to look their absolute best day-in, day-out. You want the community to
know that you take proper care of your establishment, and you want your
staff to have an orderly and sanitary place to go about their work.

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